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Our best SIM only deals, with unlimited options

In this guide What is a Sim only deal? Sim only need-to-knows M obile 'text-to-switch' rules make switching simpler How do I choose the right allowance? How do I unlock my phone? Check signal strength Try haggling a better deal. Happy with your phone or able to buy a new one upfront? Sim only is a good bet.

Get the best SIM only deals.

Concerned about a credit check or want close control over bill? Looking for 5G deals? What is a Sim only deal? Sim only need-to-knows Here are the key points to understand when looking for a Sim only contract. Mobile 'text-to-switch' rules make switching and keeping your number far simpler. Here's how to switch providers and keep your number : Request a switching code by text.

To get a new number, text 'STAC' to You need to give the switching code to your new provider within 30 days. You won't need to contact your old provider again. I've got my PAC, what do I do now? It's a different process if you're swapping within the same provider. Ensure you choose the correct data allowance — only pay for what you need.

It's not the most user-friendly site, but it gives a detailed bill analysis.

Best SIM Only Deals | Compare SIM Only - Carphone Warehouse

You'll need an unlocked phone — it's usually free to get it done. Happy with your provider? Try haggling for a better deal. Prices can rise with inflation each year. You could make extra savings with some cashback deals — though be warned There are three types of cashback available, and they all work differently: Redemption cashback. The biggest discounts are on 'cashback redemption' deals through mobile reseller sites.

These require you to send off your bills at several points throughout your contract and get paid in instalments — miss one and you'll lose out. Automatic cashback. These deals, also via resellers, are where you're sent a cheque automatically within a few months without having to claim, though usually they don't offer as big a discount. Some deals can also offer part manual, part automatic cashback.

Ready to check out?

Cashback via cashback sites. It's possible sometimes to beat the deals below with some powerhouse offers via dedicated cashback websites. However, don't think of this type of cashback as guaranteed — there are often problems. Best Sim only deals — up to 3GB of data If you're usually connected to Wi-Fi everywhere you go, these are our top picks of the best Sim only deals with enough 4G data for everyday on-the-go use. Key info. How do I keep my number? Are there additional data charges or call exclusions?

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  • Today's best SIM-only deals.
  • Can I use the Sim abroad or for tethering? Anything else? Other top Sim only deals for new customers. Best Sim only deals — 4GB to 9GB of data If you're often online while on the go, these are our top picks of the best Sim only deals with a good amount of data each month and a decent number of minutes.

    Pros and Cons: SIM Only Plans

    Additional data charges or call exclusions? Best Sim only deals — 10GB to unlimited data For the data fiends out there, these are our top picks of the best Sim only deals with bundles of data each month, plus a healthy number of minutes we've listed them in ascending price order.

    Where is 5G available?

    The number transfer should take around one working day to complete, after which you'll be back up and running. During this time of flux, it can be a good idea to keep your old SIM in the handset, so you'll still be able to receive phone calls and texts, although you won't be able to make any. You'll be able to tell when the switch over is complete, as when you insert your new SIM, your new network provider should appear on the screen. When it comes to mobile phone networks, the phrase the bigger the better doesn't always ring true.

    Smaller providers are available and there should be little difference, if any, between them and the network behemoths that are Three, 02, Vodafone and EE. Coverage and call quality should be similar, but the customer support may not be on par with the larger competitors, and you probably won't have similar perks either, like O2 Priority which gives customers offers and discounts on a range of different treats.

    It's possible to get a SIM-only deal for your tablet, which enables you to access the internet wherever you are, without using wi-fi. Just like with a mobile SIM, you'll have a monthly allowance, if you go over this you'll be charged extra and if you intend to use your tablet abroad, you'll want to check whether this is included in your data plan. Your results. Mobile and SIM-only deals. The price you pay per month will largely depend on how many minutes and texts you need, and how much data you require.

    Plus, you'll need to decide whether your SIM is to go in a tablet in which case you'll only need data or a smartphone in which case you'll want minutes, texts and data. Most operators don't allow you to simply take your SIM out of your smartphone in a tablet. Pinning down the best SIM-only contract is tricky due to the huge number of combinations of minutes, texts and data available. However, most people will fall into one of three camps that we'll focus on here: those who simply want to make the odd call or text, and use their PC to go online; those who make calls and texts, go online, check emails, use apps and perhaps watch the odd video; and those who are permanently glued to their smartphone.

    We'd recommend considering iD, which is Carphone Warehouse's mobile network. All of iD's contracts offer bill capping, data rollover and Roam like at Home making it an even more appealing option with no nasty surprises. It's an interesting one, because you get 15GB of data, but social media usage is unlimited and won't eat into that data.

    sim card deals compare uk Sim card deals compare uk
    sim card deals compare uk Sim card deals compare uk
    sim card deals compare uk Sim card deals compare uk
    sim card deals compare uk Sim card deals compare uk
    sim card deals compare uk Sim card deals compare uk
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    sim card deals compare uk Sim card deals compare uk

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